Gawain, the Voice of Reason

Character journal for mabinogi.

The eldest of four, Gawain left his younger brothers Gareth, Gaheris and Agravaine behind in Sarmatia. He has been getting on with being as efficient a soldier as he can be and waiting out his posting. Usually the voice of reason, he is calm and considered most of the time and doesn't see the point in making a fuss about things you can't change. He is protective towards those he cares about (particularly Galahad) - he is the classic big brother. He can't decide whether he hopes his brothers will join him when their time comes, or hopes that they somehow escape Rome's reach and will not have to risk their lives for their overlords. He will stand up for what he thinks is right or needs to be done, whether or not it makes him unpopular. Maybe a little too serious, except perhaps when he's been drinking!